Welcoming in 2011.

Our year in review: Two semesters of school, One summer of graveyard shifts and messed up schedules, One job getting moved to part-time, then going away completely. One relaxing month of unemployment, One start of a new great job, and with that the start becoming an "extreme commuter." One hair dye mishap. One summer of fun short trips with friends and family. One anniversary celebrating our first year of marriage. One move to a new apartment. One "go-to" couple friendship made. 3 new callings between the two of us. One snoop dog sighting. Two bowling tournament trophies (A first and a third place). One season of the bachelor. One season of the bachelorette. One season of Bachelor Pad. One game of Fantasy Bachelor Pad. Many trips to 24-hour fitness. One year of no more school for me. A transition of going from broke to not as broke. The marriage of many friends. One family reunion. One college graduation. One first time playing golf. Many nights of spades. One large fiasco involving best buy and verizon (I still hate both of you in case you were wondering). One terrible-turned-not-bad BYU football season. The beginning of the PB&J report.

It has been a good year.

2011 has got some great things too:

1) Preston hopefully and most likely graduates from BYU in December!
2) A trip to the east coast with Preston's family. Mostly DC and New York.
3) Christmas in Texas with my family.
4) Turning 24.
5) Preston's brother Ben coming home from his mission.
6) I'm sure there are more things that I don't remember!
7) Oh yeah, and we are having a baby...............................ok JUST KIDDING about the baby.

My new years resolutions:

1) Keeping our room clean and organized. I'm pretty good about our living area/kitchen...but my clothes kinda take over our bedroom. I blame it on not having enough dresser space, so today we bought some more storage for my clothes.

2) Getting a better scripture reading schedule going.

3) Be generally nicer and show real concern for what people are going through. Show the people that are important to me that they really ARE important to me in direct ways instead of assuming they know.

Christmas was nice. So nice that I didn't want to come back. Oh well, such is life. I didn't take too many pictures, but I did take some pictures of one thing. One thing that Preston's mom, Karlyn did for us for Christmas was buy us a replica of the top of our wedding cake. You see, our wedding cake was so good that the people serving it served up the entire cake to our guests without saving the top for us. Karlyn felt bad that we never got to try our wedding cake and we didn't get to do the whole "save the top and eat it on your one year anniversary." In reality, I think this was the best of both worlds: still get this fun little rite of passage without having to eat year-old cake! So we did the whole cutting the cake ceremony, AND Preston shoved the cake in my face this time, because there is no way in heck I would have let him do this for our actual wedding. haha. While we were doing this, I remarked that maybe this will mark the end of our newlywedness. Preston's dad, Vaughn, responded, " Are you SURE you want to do that??" I think he's right. No need to end the newlywedness. Keep it coming.