That feeling. Of coming home. While I still get that feeling every time I go home to Texas or Preston goes home to California, I am glad to say that I also get that feeling every time we come home to our little 600 sq ft. apartment here in Salt Lake City. I love our little home and all the memories that already are there in just 6 months of being there. I put effort into making this place feel like home and I'm so happy that it already does. While I'd like to think it's the comfy pillows, matching throws, and the neatly hung pictures on the wall, I think that is only a fraction of it. I don't mind the DVDs piling up on our TV stand or a few dishes in the sink occasionally. Sometimes our tennis shoes are left in the open and I just don't care. These are signs of a life being lived and they are a reminder to me of the lucky lives that we get to lead every day. It's the many meals cooked and enjoyed together. It is the cozy movie nights and the fun nights with friends that give us that feeling of home. And most importantly it is the warm feeling of peace and safety that I feel when I'm at home. While we have a long, long way to go in making our home a refuge from the storm of the world, I know we are taking steps in the right direction and for that I am grateful. This month I'm focusing on doing more of this:

(oh and hi, I realize I haven't blogged in a year....)